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4 Styles Of Personalized Note Cards

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Personalized note cards can be used for just about anything you want to write. The personalized touch makes them special and memorable and adds a little bit of you to every note. So if you are thinking about ordering your own set of personalized note cards, here are a few styles to consider. 

1. Elegant

An elegant style of personalized note cards might be monogrammed in an elegant script with long lines and wide loops. An elegant style usually sticks with classic color choices like navy blue, black, or deep green. This kind of note might include a narrow border around the outside of the paper. This style of note card says you are refined and gives your note a touch of sophistication. This kind of note is perfect for a wedding invitation or an invite to a garden party. 

2. Romantic 

A romantic style of a personalized note card might be written in a flowing script and might include flourishes over some of the letters. Romantic style notes are often monogrammed in soft pink, red, or black. A romantic note card might even have flowers, such as roses, clustered in one corner. A romantic note with your personal monogram is the perfect thing for love letters or even just notes to your beloved left on the fridge or the mirror for them to find, a sweet surprise. 

3. Professional 

A professional-style note card is usually straightforward with a simple monogram in bold lettering at the top of the card. Some professional style cards might include a simple line under the monogram which gives it a neater appearance. These kinds of personalized note cards are often lettered in black. They are ideal for work-related business, like a corporate memo or invite. They are the best choice when you want to give the impression of dignified poise. 

4. Cute 

A cute style note card can be just about any design. Usually, the lettering on a cute note card will be soft or quirky. Just about any color will do for a cute card: yellow, pink, blue, purple, or green. Many cute personalized note cards have some sort of image with them like a polka dot background or a little bunny in the corner. These kinds of cards can range from whimsical to fun and are great if you work with kids or if you want to really show your personality.

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