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Three Useful Paint Rollers To Buy

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When you think about a paint roller, there's a good chance that you picture a standard roller that will allow you to apply paint to any wall that you're painting. When you have a painting project in the near future, this roller will almost certainly come in handy—but there are other rollers that can be useful, too. Your local paint store carries a wide range of paint rollers, including some that you may not have previously seen. During your visit, you can talk to a salesperson about your painting project and get their recommendation about one or more rollers that can be an asset. Here are three useful paint rollers to have.

Mini Roller

Virtually every paint store will carry a selection of mini rollers. The length and diameter of these rollers can vary, but they're all significantly smaller than a conventional roller. Mini rollers can be handy when you're working in tight areas. If you have a space for which a standard roller is too large, and you'd rather not have to apply the paint with a brush, a mini roller can often be the solution. In addition to painting walls in your home, mini rollers can also be useful for all sorts of craft projects.

Long Roller

Most of the paint rollers that you see at your local paint store will be of a standard size, but you'll see some rollers that are even longer. If you're a competent painter who has a lot of painting to do or who simply wants to get the job done as quickly as possible, a long roller can be an asset. You'll also want a larger paint tray, as standard paint trays are designed to fit standard rollers. Long rollers are available in several different sizes, but all are several inches longer than their standard counterparts.

Extension Roller

Another product to consider buying is an extension roller. This is a roller that has one or more threaded poles that you connect together, allowing you to paint surfaces that are otherwise difficult to reach. People often use extension rollers when they need to paint their ceiling, and this device can also be valuable when you have a tall wall in your home. If you don't feel steady on a ladder, you'll feel more confident standing on the floor with an extension roller in your hands. Visit your paint store to shop for these and other rollers.